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Manifold Station 2500 ton extrusion press
Pressure Dynamics
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Hydraulic Consultancy, Design & Engineering

Pressure Dynamics Established in 1980 as consultants in the field Hydraulics associated with the operation of Hydraulic presses.

The Application covering a wide variety of presses from Forging, Extrusion, Automotive, Forcing, Compaction, Rubber Moulding, Baling and Isostatics.

Due to our past association with Towler Hydraulics we also assist clients in the maintenance and repair of systems using this equipment.

Today we continue with consultancy, design, project management, the manufacture assembly and testing of hydraulic systems covering presses and applications in civil engineering and High Pressure Isostatic applications.

Recent applications have involved a 1500 ton and a 2500 ton Extrusion press, 1000 ton Baling press, 1500 ton Forging press, 150 ton Upsetting press, Isostatic press systems and their installation working at 4200 bar.

We represent Metrol Springs and their Nitro-spring and Nitro-strut range of products in South Africa. One of the many applications of the Nitro-spring range are in hydraulic press die sets.

High Pressure systems have been designed using HIP Products, using their components, tubing and fittings which range from 700 to 10000 Bar working pressure.

Hydraulic Engineering & Design

Design and engineering of complete hydraulic systems.

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High Pressure Equipment

High Pressure components use a coned-and-threaded connection.

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Nitro Gas Springs

Nitro-Springs are most commonly used in the metal pressing industry.

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